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We are experts in plastic solutions and have decades of experience within vacuum forming, extrusion and rotational molding. We focus on quality in all processes and apply only the highest standards.

Our continuous strive for individualized and sustainable solutions, continual investments and constant focus on our partnerships and employees have made us a market leader within plastics solutions.

At Gibo, we have a history of multiple successful conversions from steel, glass fibers or even wood to plastic solutions. When involved early into projects, we have the possibility to optimize which benefits the final product. Consequently, we are ready to support you with our expertise, production of full tooling for prototypes and serial production.

We are part of SP Group which is a group of companies that manufacture plastic items in various production technologies. This means we always advise you on the best choice of production technology regardless of if it is at Gibo or one of our many highly skilled sister companies.

The combination of inhouse competences, a great supplier network and the unique connection to SP Group makes Gibo Plast your ideal partner in plastics solutions.

We are Gibo Plast
  • Vacuum forming
  • Extrusion
  • Rotational molding
  • Assembly work
  • Advisement on product and process
  • Expertise in conversion to plastics
  • Project teams and project management
  • Composement of drawings and 3D-filesr

We truly believe that all partnerships start with great communication and trust. When working together we are able to solve complex projects and develop superior items. Therefore, our aim is to establish mutual trust from the very beginning in new projects.

Gibo has been a trusted partner in plastic solutions for decades. We are passionate about our business, and it would be our pleasure giving advice for your next plastics project. Our employees have several years of experience within the industry, including project management skills for both easy and complex projects. Actually, we say our team is your guarantee for a superior outcome when choosing Gibo as your partner.

Our stage gate model of project handling ensures a professional approach to realize your project. We clearly define responsibilities and make use of our experienced team including production workers, engineers and project managers.

At an early stage, we consider key indicators for purpose, costs or design defined by the customer. We define critical areas, propose suitable geometry modifications, and revise choice of material. Our target is always to provide the highest level of service and to ensure each project ends successfully leading to a stronger partnership.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Quality assurance is a natural element at Gibo and is based on the certifications of quality, environmental and working environment called ISO 9001, 14001 and 4500. All of our factories in DK, PL and CN hold these. The certifications are implemented in an integrated management system that by procedures and instructions ensures that employees continuously work with improvements in a focussed and systematic way to improve internal work processes. This ensures a proper management of employee safety, resources, suppliers, productions and products with satisfied customers as the ultimate output.

Deviation handling

All deviations are being handled via an electronic 8D system. By systematic and uniform handling we ensure that a deviation does not repeat. This ensures that a deviation does not repeat. On the page downloads you may find our template for 8D reports and our instructions for filling out the template.

Additionally, the 8D system in our company is used on all levels including reporting risks of accidents, improvement proposals, customer dispensations and claims from customers and to suppliers.

Management policy
Everyday, we work with the benchmark that our customers must witness great quality and professionalism when communicating with our employees. Products manufactured at Gibo plants must be delivered on time and with the level of quality expected by the customer. You may find more about our management policy at the page downloads.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

At Gibo you will be met by respect, responsibility, loyalty and great team spirit. Our values describe how we behave towards each other, our customers, suppliers and society. The pillars of our shared values are teamwork, mutual respect, responsibility towards the company and one's own work, as well as a pleasant atmosphere where humor is highly appreciated. We call our set of values The Gibo Spirit.



Gibo has a desire to act responsibly towards customers, suppliers and stakeholders. We believe that it is important to be trustworthy. Consequently, we abide by our agreements and act transparently in all kind of partnerships.


We make an effort and always meet challenges with full commitment. We strive to solve the tasks of today in an efficient and innovative way. Through training and investments we ensure motivation and development of Gibo.

Long-term relationships

Decisions are led by our vision of long-term cooperation with employees, customers and suppliers. Consequently, credibility and commitment are fundamental values for all our relationships.


The foundation of our organization's mission and vision is The Gibo Spirit that must act as a compass for all employees in decision making.


The mission

We exist to create value for our customers. Our mission is to develop and manufacture creative technical solutions in plastics by giving exceptional advice and produce efficiently.

The vision

Our mission must be achieved through strong and long-term partnership with our customers. As a result, our vision is to ensure Gibo remains an innovative and preferred supplier of technical plastics and pre-assembled solutions.

Read SP Group's COP report here.

CSR policy
We are aware of our social responsibility. Our objective and principles for working with environment and climate, social responsibility, including working conditions, diversity and human rights, anti-corruption and data ethics are included in the CSR policy applicable to the entire SP Group.

Code of Conduct
At Gibo we have composed a Supplier Code of Conduct. It forms the foundation for constructive cooperation with our suppliers on promoting responsibility and sustainability in our entire supply chain.

Whistleblower scheme
We strive to create a business environment that facilitates and ensures a high degree of integrity and accountability. Therefore, we are enrolled in SP Group's whistleblower programme. This enables anyone associated with SP Group to safely report any suspense on non-compliance policies and guidelines, laws and regulations of the group as well as other serious irregularities.

ESG reporting
Gibo contributes to the overall Environmental, Social & Governance reporting made by SP Group. Every year, our reporting is published in SP Group's Annual Report, at the NASDAQ and in a joint COP report to the UN Global Compact.